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Hi I’m Shelly - emotional eating expert, licensed sugar interviewer, integrative nutrition coach, and living proof that you can conquer food addiction, once and for all.

I’m so glad you’re here–come on in!


Personalized Coaching to Help You End Your Battle With Food Addiction (For Good).

I help people (just like you!) end the vicious cycle of food addiction so they can finally live with more peace & purpose.

If you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun to control your food cravings, and nothing seems to work, you’ve come to exactly the right place. My guess is that you're here because one (or many) of the following are true:

You’re tired of making food choices you regret & waking up with food hangovers.
“Why can't I get this under control?”
You don’t know how to cope with difficult emotions without using food.
“I know it’s not ideal, but it works when
I’m stressed.”
Your battle with food is causing physical & mental health issues.
“I’m exhausted and my physical & mental health
are spiraling downward.”
You’ve prayed to God for help, but still can’t stop turning to food for comfort.
“I pray that something works soon because I can’t go on like this.”
You keep telling yourself it’s the last binge, but the vicious cycle continues.
“This has to stop. I’ll throw it all out tomorrow.”

If you said “YES” to even one of these, Peaceful Purpose is for you.


Food Doesn't Have to Control Your Life

The reason why so many people struggle to moderate with sugary processed foods is because these foods are designed to be addictive. Whether you realize it or not, there’s a good chance addiction is playing a role in your ability to make good food choices & live the life you deserve.

When you finally dig deeper to address the addiction behind your food struggles, it can feel like finding the missing puzzle piece. And in doing so, you set yourself on a path toward:


Finally, trusting yourself around food.


Finally, feeling confident about the way you look.


Finally, freeing up space to focus on your passions.


Finally, feeling at peace with your life.


Finally, experiencing joy and happiness.

I will be your new food addiction & health coach friend.


Take a deep breath, because I’ve got some good news for you.


You don’t have to fight this battle alone. I’ve been in your shoes before, and I know what works (and what doesn’t). 

When you work with me, we address your food struggles as an addiction with evidence-based strategies that help you break free from the stronghold that food has over you.

Using a powerful combination of diagnostic evaluation, holistic health coaching & my own personal experience overcoming food addiction & depression, I can help you move forward to find freedom.



Emotional Eating, Mindset & Psychology


Holistic Health & Wellness


Whole-Food Nutrition


Transformational Coaching


Food Addiction Evaluation (SUGAR®)

“I was thankful for Shelly’s help. Working together helped me find answers and lifestyle changes to implement a life of better food choices."

Laura L

Three Ways to Work Together:

1:1 Coaching,

Not sure if food addiction is the culprit in your life? I offer single sessions that allow us to take a closer look at your relationship to food & the patterns that are keeping you stuck. Together we can explore what’s working, what's not working, and whether addiction may be standing in the way of achieving your health goals.



SUGAR® Assessment &
3 Months Coaching, $1,500

For those who have identified food addiction as a likely issue in their lives, we dive head first into creating lasting freedom & peace. We start with a SUGAR® assessment– a structured evaluation tool that helps us assess your chemical dependence (addiction) to food. From there, we move forward with weekly coaching sessions where we develop practical & realistic strategies to help you move forward with healthy diet & lifestyle choices over the course of three months.



Group Recovery Coaching, $75/month

For those who have completed the EMPOWER program, I offer group recovery coaching for ongoing support. These are small groups of others who are working to overcome & heal from food addiction. These group sessions offer an economical way to stay engaged in your recovery & make authentic connections with others on a similar path.


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