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Coaching & Community to help you
find freedom from food addiction.

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Whether you’re just beginning to explore the possibility that addiction is at play in your life, or you’re absolutely sure that you’re stuck in the grip of food addiction, I’ve got a path just for you.

I'm so glad you're here!

Choose The Path That’s Right For You:




1:1 Coaching, $90/session

This is the right path for you if you’re still exploring whether food addiction is at play in your life. Together, we take a closer look at your relationship to food & the patterns that are keeping you stuck. Single 1:1 sessions allow us to explore what’s working, what's not working, and whether addiction may be standing in the way of achieving your health goals.

Pathway Details:

Coaching sessions are 45 minute each via Zoom (or phone)
Flexibility to meet on an as-needed basis
Topics: diet & lifestyle, health, addiction & recovery

To book your session, simply click below and pick a day that works for you. Taking this first step can feel overwhelming, but you’ll feel a huge relief for finally taking action!



SUGAR® Assessment & 1:1 Coaching, 3 months - $1500

If you have identified food addiction as a likely problem in your life, this is the path for
you. Together, we dive head first into breaking the cycle of addiction and creating a
holistic treatment plan. We start with a SUGAR® assessment, which is a diagnostic
evaluation that helps us assess your chemical dependence (addiction) to food.

From there, we continue forward with weekly coaching sessions where we develop
practical & realistic strategies to help you move forward with healthy diet & lifestyle
choices over the course of three months.

Pathway Details:

SUGAR® assessment to gain deeper insight
Highly-personalized holistic treatment plan
Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom
Voice texting & support in between sessions

To get started with the EMPOWER program, book a free consultation via the button
below so we can explore the potential of working together. From there, I’ll give you all
the details you need to prepare for your start date. All you have to do is book the free
call & show up.
Trust me, you’ll feel so much better once you take action & find support.



Group Recovery Coaching, $75/month

Once you’ve completed the EMPOWER program, you’ll be ready to join weekly group
coaching sessions. You can think of group coaching as a maintenance plan to help you
stay on track each week.

These are small groups of others working to overcome & heal from food addiction (just
like you!). This is a great way to stay engaged in your recovery, build in accountability &
make meaningful connections.

Pathway Details:

Weekly group coaching programs include up to ten people
Sessions offer coaching, accountability & connection
Sessions are online & last 60 minutes each

Availability for group programs varies depending on my current client load. The best
way to find out what’s available is to send me a quick email.

You don't have to do this alone.

The fact that you’ve landed on this page to explore your options is a big deal. It means you’re aware that something needs to change, and that’s the first step!


Booking a call allows me to hear more about your unique situation, and from there we can make a plan to keep you moving forward.

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